Having a business coach or mentor has always been a non-negotiable for me.


I’ve hired coaches from the very beginning of my business and I would not be where I am at or know what I know today if it weren’t from my experiences (both good and not so good)… ⁣⁣⁣


Truth is most coaches are really great at what they do. They are passionate and skilled in their area of expertise, but when it comes to the business and marketing stuff… not so much


Fundamentally, in order to improve in any area of your life (business included) the smartest way to do so is by getting support from someone who is experienced and has the tools, knowledge, and insight that you may be lacking. 


And in case you’re reading this and you are someone who may be thinking the coaching industry is saturated with coaches coaching the coach, here’s something to remember:


…A foot doctors will go to a heart surgeon if he’s having heart problems

…A child psychologist will see marriage therapists if she is struggling in her marriage 

…Chefs dine at other 5 star restaurants all the time 

…And yes, coaches still need coaching in areas they struggle with…business included 


I wholeheartedly believe that the fastest way to grow your business hit your goals and get results is by getting personalized support from an experienced coach or mentor. ⁣⁣⁣


Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good course or group program, but nothing beats being able to get on a private call with your coach and problem solve, strategize, work through and shift those mindset blocks and laugh through the ups and downs of business growth!


Not convinced? I’m going to share with you the 5 Reasons Why Every Coach Needs a Business Coach. 


1.Shorten Your Learning Curve

Having a business coach who is experienced in the area that you’re needing support with not only provides the opportunity to be guided around your blind spots  (you know those areas that may be too close or too far for you to see the impact it is having on you), but it also shortens your learning curve and expedites your results. 


You see, when you are working with a  coach who has your back, they often share best practices, what works & what doesn’t, and give you insight on winning strategies and approaches to help you progress grow your business with confidence and generate more revenue…while saving you time, energy and money in the process….because why would they want you to take the struggle bus?



Hands down this is one of the biggest benefits of working with a coach. We all know that sh*t ain’t getting done if you’re not held accountable. As humans, we don’t always stick with our commitments (especially to ourselves) and in many cases, we need support, reminders, encouragement, and accountability as we work towards our goals.


I don’t know about you, but I’m 10 times more likely to show up to the gym at 6 am on a cold, wintery morning to shed some calories if I knew someone was waiting for me and there to champion and support me, than going it alone.


My clients have all told me that it was so much easier for them to consistently show up for their business, sharing their ideas and stories on social media and have sales conversations knowing that I was there for them before, after, and during these sometimes scary but necessary actions.


3.Having a Roadmap 

Working with a business coach gives you an experienced partner in your business that helps you to go strategically from point A to point B while helping you level up your thinking, strategies, actions, and ultimately your results. 

Business can sometimes feel like a running to-do list and without clarity, focus and strategy, it’s easy to get distracted by all the shiny objects and lose sight of taking actions that will really move your business forward. That is where having a business coach IN your business with you becomes invaluable.


This one is pretty obvious but here’s the thing- you don’t know what you don’t know, and getting personalized support is the fastest and smartest way to experience massive growth and success in your business. When you have someone in your corner who has been there, done that and has the knowledge, tools, and experience to guide you on your journey, you expand both personally and professionally. 


I am obsessed with helping my clients get results and love giving them the attention and care they deserve.


Every strategy we create and implement is customized to their unique strengths, business, vision, and niche. There really is no faster way to get results than this!⁣


5.You become a better coach

Having a coach helps you to become a better coach to and for your client. Period. Hands down one of the best ways to enhance your craft and skills as a coach is to be a client on the other end of coaching. Every time I have hired a business coach or mentor, it has given me a different perspective and taught me new ways to handle situations that I could later apply to my clients. 


If you’re newer to coaching or still in the building phases, this is especially helpful. Coupled with actually coaching and getting hands-on experience, having a coach or mentor yourself gives you the opportunity to refine and hone your coaching skills and better serve your existing clients. It’s also a great way to see how the back end of a more established coaching business is set up (onboarding systems and processes, payment structures, client services, administrative support, etc.) 


Bottom line, your business, and in many cases your life, becomes more structured, and enjoyable when you have someone in your corner to support, guide and champion you on the sometimes challenging journey of entrepreneurship 


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