I get asked all the time how I stay focused and GSD in my business…especially right now given that I have 3 kids and we’re all on lockdown together zooming our way through work and school….literally

So I thought instead of telling you, I’d show you! In this video which I share inside my private Facebook group, The Connected Entrepreneur I broke down the 5 things I do to stay motivated and productive in my business… especially NOW. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I covered:

✨What I do in the mornings to keep me focused throughout the day

✨The 2 questions I ask myself daily that drives my actions and results

✨A brain hack that helps me get more done in less time

✨The #1 thing I prioritize that helps me to stay motivated

How are you doing right now with staying motivated, focused, and productive? Are you finding it challenging or are you crushing it? Hit reply and let me know…and if you have any tips to share, I’m all ears!