Fear– It’s one of those emotions that we ALL experience in some aspect or another in our lives and businesses. It’s responsible for keeping you “safe” and also for helping you to stretch and grow.

Best Selling Author Thomas J. Stanley says that “before you can become a millionaire, you must learn to think like one. You must learn how to motivate yourself to counter fear with courage. Making critical decisions about your career, business, investments and other resources conjures up fear, fear that is part of the process of becoming a financial success.”

As a business owner recognizing that fear IS a part of the process is so important to your financial success and the longevity of your business because when you do, it gives you permission to work through the fear, trust the process and stay IN the room as both you and your business grows.

I know that’s sometimes easier said than done so I’ve complied a list of 5 things you can do to start moving through your fears and countering them with courage.


    All too often people feel the fear and do everything they can to avoid it, push it away or replace it with something that feels less scary. Instead, listen to your fears and allow yourself to really pay attention to what’s it’s telling you or trying to “protect” you from. Fears are usually based on false beliefs and chances are your fear is stemming from something deeper in your belief system. Which is why understanding what’s behind your fears is the only way to effectively move past them. In your business for instance, you may have a fear of sales because you don’t want to seem too “pushy.” As a result you are probably not asking for the sale or selling your services often enough which means you’re not only not making the kind of money you want but you’re more than likely not making the kind of impact you want to make either. Understanding what’s behind your fear of seeming too “pushy” and moving through that fear to implement a more effective sales process that feels good for you will lead to both personal and professional growth.. Not to mention a growth in your bank account and who doesn’t want that =)


    Chances are if you’re experiencing fear when it comes to doing something it’s usually because you’re up-leveling in some area of your life or business. There is a great saying that goes something like if your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough and I couldn’t agree more here. As a business owner you WILL experience fear at different points in your business, this is an indication that you’re growing, that your business is evolving and that YOU as a business owner is expanding. Fear usually shows up to keep you from that growth, evolution and expansion and it usually shows up right before you step into your greatness. So know that when fear comes up, it’s not a sign of weakness or a reason to back down instead recognize that you’re on the cusp of something great and know that moving though it is your path to success and growth. FEAR IS A PART OF THE PROCESS.


    I cannot stress the importance of having a support system enough. Surround yourself with other business owners who get this journey, who can motivate and inspire you, who can support you in your times of uncertainty and fear and who can hold you accountable and champion you on this journey. I like to tell my clients to build relationships and create a network of people who are at 3 different stages in their business 1)those that are where you WERE, 2) those that are where you ARE and 3)those that are where you WANT TO BE. Chances are you can find someone who will understand your fears and may be able to guide you and support you through them.


    It’s easy to want to pack up and go home when you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by things that aren’t going according to plan in your business, but there is a fundamental difference between your fears and your frustrations and knowing the difference is crucial to how you handle your experience. Nervous System Specialist Irene Lyon explains in her blog post fear is physiological. You feel it in your body as you biologically react to whatever the stimuli is. It’s real, and raw and literally pushes you into fight or flight mode where your body responds first without thinking whereas frustration is the thing that keeps us from doing what we want to do. She encourages you take a step back and recognize that you’re not actually “afraid” or in any real danger, but just frustrated at how hard the thing is or how long a particular process takes and if we are able to make this distinction we’d be able to create more breathing room and safety for ourselves to move forward easily. So recognizing the difference between your fears and your frustrations gives you the power to choose how you respond to your experiences and move through them.


    Sometimes we can’t simply overcome our fears by shifting our mindset or thinking it through. Sometimes our fears are deeply rooted in our belief systems which dictates the way we think, feel and show up/act. Sometimes we’re not even aware of how these belief systems limit us or block us from reaching our full potential. If this is the case for you or you recognize that your fears are consuming your thoughts, feelings and actions it may be time to seek professional support from a coach or maybe even therapist. Investing in trained, experienced support for your business isn’t limited to marketing and strategizing. YOU are your business and if you’re blocked by fear chances are your financial success and growth is also being blocked.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you or stand strong in the face of fear or pain. These 5 tips can help you to start countering your fears with courage because each one gives you an opportunity to take intentional action when faced with fears to help you move through your fears powerfully. .

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