It is said that 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years (according to the SBA)

Sad, but true.

This past week I celebrated 5 years in business as a Certified Professional Business Coach and I’m proud, humbled and excited to say that I’ve made it past that 5 year mark, each year surpassing the previous one in revenue and growth.

Now, did this come overnight? Nope!

Did it come without some hard work, hustle and a whole lotta grit? Nope!

Did it come with its fair share of challenges, disappointments, uncertainty, and downright fear? Heck Yes!

But it’s these lessons that led the way to my growth and success year after year.

In this video I’m sharing the 5 biggest lessons I learned in business over the past 5 years… so hopefully, you can avoid some of my mistakes and pitfalls and learn from my lessons as well.

If you’ve experienced or are experiencing any of the things I talked about in the video, leave a comment below and let us know. Better yet, if you’ve got your own lessons we can learn from, please feel free to share them below.

With Love & Learning,