You and I are a lot alike: You’re a smart, ambitious go-getter who’s ready to take action. You care about building a business driven by your passions and your strengths.

But being an entrepreneur can feel overwhelming. Your awesome skills and quirks can feel lost in a crowded marketplace where a lot of people are doing something similar.

Maybe you’re just starting out, and you want to do it right from the beginning. You want to create something meaningful based on your values, right out of the gate.

Or maybe you’ve been at this entrepreneurship stuff for awhile. And you’ve had success, but you know it’s time to stand out and reach the next level.

Whatever the case may be, the key to building a sustainable business that brings you joy, satisfaction and yes moolah is honing in on your CORE and putting authenticity FIRST.

That is it my friend.

Cause here is the thing, BEFORE we can even begin to (warning buzz words ahead):

(All of which BTW we can & will totally do together)
We have to FIRST get YOU in alignment & connected with your, WHY, your WHO, your WHAT & your How!

“Safia helped me navigate through all the factors I was considering and did a brilliant job at bringing me back to what was most important and aligned with my core values. She was phenomenal at asking the right questions that lead to my clarity and insight on things beyond my normal vision.”

Sheily Chandra, Financial Consultant & Strategist

Now, Why me?

I began creating meaningful relationships early. Entrepreneurship runs in my blood.

I grew up watching my dad run our family business and loved helping out, greeting customers, and even making a few sales here and there. After relocating to California at the age of 12, my father opened a computer repair shop where I hung out after school, learning the industry, products, assisting clients, and helping out with sales.

When I was eighteen, my dad handed me the keys to the brand new, second location— entrusting it to me.

Talk about a crash course in running a business!

I was barely out of high school, and while most of my friends were out partying, I was openingand closing the shop. Every. Single. Day. I was managing staff, making sales, and building long-lasting connections with customers (all while earning my Bachelor’s Degree).

I learned the trends of the market, discovered how to nurture relationships, and figured out exactly what it took to create growth and progress in a business.

I served people of all calibers — from CEOs & wealthy business owners, to your everyday hard-working moms & dads.

They all knew the importance of investing in their needs and every walk-in walked out a loyal, repeat customer because How could a teenager take a business from brand new to booming in just three years? A lot of hard work & dedication (this business was my baby!) and a single-minded focus on relationships.

It was my mission to ensure my clients felt heard, understood and supported — and that made all the difference.

It was never about putting them in a box, or giving them cookie cutter answers- no, each and everyone had unique needs that required unique solutions- I made it my mission to meet them where they were at and created lasting connections.

“Safia is there with me every step of the way, championing me to get my business in order for a truly successful year. Her expertise, insight, greater vision for me and my business, and built-in accountability are the very things I’ve been needing.”

Sandra X. Pradas Martin, Parenting Coach

Connection  is  the Core
of  Everything  I  do.

I had been bitten by the business bug, hard. I was hooked.

This mindset propelled me to success in my later years in the corporate world working for large
multi-national corporations, ranking #1 in my industry and receiving multiple accolades &
awards for leadership and service.

Safia family

Was  it Magic? Nope.

I leaned into the same connection-building skills I harnessed in my family business in the
corporate world and focused on understanding the needs of my clients and my market and
providing value through my service.

Then, I became a mom– and life got a whole lot more interesting! The corporate world no longer fit, but the desire to lead myself and others to personal success & growth still burned bright within me. My passion, drive & love for creating deep meaningful connections– the kind that spark exploration, encourage deep thinking and inspire serious action was now stronger than ever.​

Above all, I wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives. I wanted to help them connect deeply with themselves and others so they could change the world.

This led me on the mind-blowing, life altering, perspective shifting, never-looking-at-the-world-the-same journey of becoming a Certified Professional Leadership & Business Coach.

I combined all of my formal education and hands on experience in business with all the awesomeness of coaching to now empower service-based entrepreneurs to build and grow their very own authentic brands that is deeply aligned and connected to their CORE.

My Approach  to Coaching is Simple
(but po werful).

I’ve hit the pavement and done the hard work, building businesses from the ground up. I’ve put in the time and gained hands-on, real world skills.

As a result, I’m not cookie-cutter — and neither are you. You’re passionate, driven, and ready to take action. I’m here to empower you to get in touch with your core and stretch out of your comfort zone, so you can go big in ways you never imagined.

When we work together:

You’ll focus on connecting with your core mission, connecting with those you serve, and connecting with your message & your offers (and that’s the difference between getting by and thriving).

You’ll create a business that is completely aligned to your strengths and passions , allowing you to truly stand out and remain motivated for the long haul.

With me, you’re never ever just another client. My guarantee to you? Whether you’re just getting off the ground, reigniting passion in your work, or looking to reach new heights, I’ll be there, every step of the way to help you blaze the trail & lead your business to success.

Do you  have  questions?

Are  you  ready  to   connect?