Top 5 Sales Calls Mistakes Coaches Make

THE TOP 5 SALES CALLS MISTAKES THAT COACHES MAKE-- AND HOW TO AVOID THEM You see the notification that someone has booked in a discovery call with you!! YAY! So exciting 🎊 You prep, you plan, you even do a little visualization, light breathing, and [...]

7 Easy Ways to Build Your Build Your Know Like & Trust

Oh the illustrious KLT factor, otherwise known as the know like & trust factor is something every online business owner strives to attain with their audience. It is single-handedly responsible for: >winning over potential clients >increasing your following and fan base >selling out [...]

5 Lessons In 5 Years Of Business

It is said that 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years (according to the SBA) Sad, but true. This past week I celebrated 5 years in business as a Certified Professional Business Coach and I'm proud, humbled and excited to [...]

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