Getting visible wasn’t something that I was confident about when I first brought my business to the online space. I joined a lot of groups, but never really posted. I had an email list but rarely ever emailed them. I invested in a high-quality webcam, tripod, and mic- but never recorded any videos. I quietly watched as my “competitors” blazed by racking up the “likes” and “shares” and I kept saying to myself “I really need to be doing this.”

In fact, I HATED DOING VIDEOS…like seriously, that was the one thing I dreaded the most when it came to getting visible in my business. I used to be so conscious about the 40 lbs I gained after having my 3rd kid. I used to be so paranoid about not looking as “professional” or “polished” as some of the other people out there. I used to be so afraid of people not watching or taking my content seriously. I used to be so stuck on not wanting to “add to the noise” or my already over-saturated industry.

I knew If I wanted my business to grow and thrive that I couldn’t hide anymore behind the excuses of weight gain, fear of what others would think and assumptions I was already making about what my audience would or would not think about me and my content.

Even though I knew that I needed to get over myself and just take action, I was still paralyzed by fear. It wasn’t until I found a way to get visible that felt true and right for me and my business model that I was able to confidently start showing up for my business and my audience…consistently

What I realized in the process is that I was doing #allthethings I thought I “should” be doing but doing none of them in a way that made sense for me. I knew I had to find a way to share my message and my mission in a way that felt GOOD for me if I wanted to master this visibility thing and I did because I know what an important part of business and marketing it is.

So instead of putting stuff OUT into the world that didn’t feel good, I decided I needed to IN and for me that usually does pretty much does the trick every time I’m feeling stuck.

I asked myself these 3 specific questions:

What are my strengths & values?

What is the long-term vision for my business?

How can I lean into my values and leverage my strengths to start connecting with my audience and getting visible in a way that aligns with my long-term vision for my business and feels goods for ME?

Getting REALLY clear on these 3 things opened the floodgates for me. New ideas and ways to start showing up and getting visible for my audience and my business poured into me daily. Strategies and ideas that all of a sudden didn’t feel hard or scary or too unrealistic for me and instead felt fun and exciting and inspiring.

As a result I now host Success with Safia, a LIVE Business Talk show where I interview industry experts twice a month, I do video trainings in my private Facebook community regularly, create fresh new content every week for my audience, get approached to do collaborations and become guest speakers and writers for podcasts and blog. All of this visibility has helped me to generate revenue for my business month after month because I’m now showing up confidently and consistently.

You see, the thing about getting visible isn’t just putting your business out into the world, it’s about putting out into the world in a way that aligns with who you are. It requires you to actually go inward so that you can start showing up outside.

If you’re out there trying to be like everyone else and doing what everyone else is doing or what you think you “should” be doing and it doesn’t feel right, chances are you’ll show up as inauthentic and disconnected which breeds self-doubt and your audience will see right through you and you run the risk of quickly losing their trust and attention.

Going INWARD to really explore what your unique strengths are, what your core values and your long-term vision are and aligning those things with your actions so that you can start showing up in a way that feels authentic to YOU is what makes visibility fun, easy and repeatable. When it’s fun, easy and repeatable you’re more likely to show up and get visible consistently

If getting visible is something you’re struggling with check out my 90- Day Visibility Planner to help you map out the perfect visibility strategy that works for you, your business and your audience