coaching transformation

When it comes to making money as a coach it all boils down to your OFFERS!

​It doens’t matter how large or small your following is….

How long you’ve been in business…

How much of a connector or sales person you are (or are not)….

Or how spot on your social media feeds looks​

If your offers don’t speak to and solve your people’s problems, they won’t sell (at least not consistently)

For your coaching package to become irresistible, it needs to create results and transformations for your ideal client. The point of a good coaching program is being able to move the ideal client from a stuck point to the future state they want to reach. Their dream goal after no longer being stuck. Your coaching program needs to be the solution.

You need to know clearly where is your ideal client now and where do they want to be.

That’s why you need to ask yourself these 6 questions when you’re thinking of creating your coaching offer.

Watch the video to find out what these questions are.