I’ve always been a goal setter. In fact, for as long as I can remember I always wrote the things I wanted to accomplish down and kept it handy as a constant reminder. But #letsgerreal, as my life, business and responsibilities evolved, I found that hitting my goals consistently became more and more challenging, despite knowing all the things example- “SMART” goal setting (sounds familiar?)

Fortunately, I learned (through a whole lot of freakin mindset work + coaching + introspection) that the reason my goals kept knocking me out, instead of the other way around, was because I was skipping a few KEY steps… and once I started integrating these steps into my rituals around setting goals- not only have I crushed my business goals, but I’ve surpassed most of them consistently!

It’s a new month, a new quarter and a new season… and if you’re like most business owners you wrote down or at the very least thought about the goals you’d like to hit this quarter. But here’s the thing, there is more to goal setting than just writing things down, setting intentions and diving right into action.

In fact, most successful goal crushers will tell you that its less about the goal itself and more about the thing behind the thing!

But let’s be real, if you have given up on the idea that you’ll ever hit those goals and you’re even giving up on believing in the whole goal setting thing in general, you’re gonna wanna watch this video. I’m breaking down why most people don’t ever hit the goals they set and the key things you need to shift to ensure you ACTUALLY hit your business goals AND get results in your business.