My friend Sara and I were having coffee (social distance style) the other day and we were chatting about how fast the coaching industry is growing. Being the geek that I am, I decided to look up some stats. I was actually not that surprised by the numbers.

Get this — the coaching industry is a 2.4 billion (yes with a “B”) dollar industry with thousands of new coaches entering the market every single year? Pretty big number right?

To me, that’s a good thing because it indicates that there are more people wanting to make a positive change in the world….

…but where does that leave you, the existing (or emerging coach) already trying to make a change?

If you’re like me and the coaches I work with, you believe deeply in what you do and you’re passionate about helping others, but let’s be honest it can feel a little daunting when you scroll through social and see SO many other coaches doing the same or similar thing that you are (or want to be) doing.

So how the heck do you stand out? The answer is actually not that that complicated… and hint it does not involve cute branding or catchy taglines.

In the video I share The #1 Thing You Need To Get Clear On To Stand Out As A Coach. I also share how getting clear on this has helped me “corner the market” as a Business Coach and I tell you EXACTLY what you need to do the create the same kind of desire for your brand.

Here’s why I think this information is so important for you to have. You see, it’s not just about being “different” or “edgy”

✔It’s about becoming not just another coach…but a leader
✔It’s how you show people that you are their #1 choice among all the other coaches
✔It’s why people actually seek YOU out and come to you ready and excited to hire you
✔It’s how you create REAL change in your industry ​

So yeah… this isnt’ just about some marketing tactic or strategy, this is the stuff that will make your business feel easy, fun and profitable too!

Check out the video, get clear on the thing I mentioned, then share with me what kind of coach you are and why you believe you stand out! Can’t wait to hear your response!!