Let’s talk about the REAL reason people aren’t investing in their business.

​Most marketers will tell you that you aren’t demonstrating your value enough or you’re not giving people enough of a reason to say yes to you.

​And while that may be true and it is a BIG part of your sales process, I also think it’s important to talk about the REAL reason people don’t invest.

​MOST people don’t invest because they inherently lack the trust and belief in THEMSELVES more so than in you/your services/offers/programs.
​​I’m going to say that again, most people don’t invest because they inherently lack trust and belief in themselves to do the work needed to get results.

​Here’s the thing, anything works when you work it….but most people are not disciplined enough to show up and do the work consistently and exercise the patience needed to get to their desired results…. which is really the key to creating results and success in anything.

​So while YES it is 100% important and necessary that you demonstrate your value, it is also important to realize that them not investing has less to do with you and more to do with them.
​So when you present your offer, chances are that fear and lack of trust comes up and instead of stepping into their power and belief and investing in themselves, they present any number of objections.

… “I have to think about it…”
… “I can’t afford it”…
… “Now is not a good time”….
… “I don’t think it’s right for me”…

You’ve likely heard some version of that, and while, there are cases where these are legitimate reasons why people cannot invest, most often than not, it’s that lack of trust that is behind the objection.

​And this is where you have the powerful opportunity to coach them through that objection and show them what is possible for them beyond their fear.​..empowering them to make decisions that feel aligned AND improves their situation at the same time.

But what I see happening far too often is intelligent coaches and service providers making their potential client’s objections mean something about them or their business and letting that mess with their confidence, clarity, and consistency.

​I promise you, once you understand how to really meet your potential client’s objections with that mentality, you not only empower them to take action but you also deeply demonstrate the value you bring as their coach and partner in their business.

Good news:

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