Ever see those online coaches who are blazing by and wondered what is their secret sauce? How come some get stuck with a one-way ticket on the struggle bus while others keep cashing in round trip tickets to the bank (obviously travel is on my mind–its been too long #thankscovid)

If you’ve ever wondered why some coaching businesses not only succeed but thrive, while others don’t (and how you can thrive too) then this week’s conversation is for you​

Here’s the deal…

In my 6+ years in this business, there are a couple of key things I’ve seen (some of which I’ve experienced myself) that influences your ability to create consistent success and results in your business.

I break it down into 2 categories:
1.The Mindset Piece
2.The Marketing Piece​

​In this video, I broke down the 6 mindset pieces that I’ve coached so many of my clients on (and have been coached on myself) that single-handled changes the game in your business when worked on

Click HERE for Part 2 where I’m going to share the marketing piece!

Once you’re done watching, let me know in the comments which of the mindset pieces I shared you resonate with the most.