Why Just Sharing Free Value Is No Longer Working And 3 things To Do Instead.

I’m here to share with you guys why just sharing free value is no longer working, no longer effective and no longer really doing it when it comes to your content.

I am not suggesting that you stop sharing free value. What this livestream is really about is to kind of highlight for you guys why just doing that is no longer working, and what you need to be doing instead.

Everybody is creating content, and sharing tips and sharing information.  That’s what everybody is doing out there. What’s happening is the marketplace is noisy.

If you’re creating content, and you’re putting content out into the world. The whole point of your content is to create a connection with your audience. It’s very difficult to create a connection with your audience if you’re doing what everybody else is doing.

When you connect you convert. So how do you create that connection?

All the experts out there say create valuable content, create content that is free, don’t give it all away, give it all away, be on a podcast, a blog, on video and so on, but after years of experience with my clients, I have learned that free content is no longer working.

Watch today’s video to find out more.