Mindset & Confidence CoachMindset & Confidence CoachSadia Ghanzafar

I was a newly qualified coach, coaching people on a reciprocal basis looking to get paying coaching clients. I wasn't clear on my niche and wanted to start moving forwards with setting up my coaching business. I was constantly overthinking everything and waiting for the perfect moment etc. I decided to hire Safia as I'd come across her on FB and felt her message spoke to me. I wanted to set up systems and structures to create and start my coaching practice. Also, I could totally relate to her, as an Asian woman and our names being kind of similar. It's very rare to find someone I can relate to! Safia help me clarify my niche and support with nailing my sales call. I got my first paying client!! Working with you taught me to take action before I was ready. I did things that have been in my mind for years. Taking action has helped me gain momentum with coaching. By taking action and knowing I'm learning with every action taken has led to a great shift in my mindset. I'm approaching areas of my life differently and gaining influence! Taking imperfect action has been a game-changer for me personally and becoming aware of my perfectionist tendencies. THANK YOU! I was able to get out of my head and making a start! Safia held me accountable and I had clear actions I had to complete! This really helped me move forward. Safia is the kind of coach who will support you, cheer you on but by God, will she challenge you! Safia can see where you're holding yourself back and isn't afraid to call you out on it. I respect that and really valued my time with Safia! Thank you for Safia!!!

Business Strategist and Mindset CoachBusiness Strategist and Mindset CoachJessica Tosser

Before I met Safia, I had started rebranding my business and was in a transition period. She helped me to nail down the specifics of my offers. Safia helped me with pricing and what products to have in my funnel. She also didn’t beat around the bush and helped me to step up and take action. After working with Safia, I knew exactly what my offers were and how I would be promoting them. Safia is the kind of coach who is nurturing, yet challenges you to become your best self.

Business Strategist & Success CoachBusiness Strategist & Success CoachPreeti Sareen

“Before working with Safia, I was spinning my wheels in overwhelm. I knew exactly what to do to grow my business but wasn’t really executing because I was stressing myself out. And I was struggling with consistent income. During our time together, she helped me get crystal clear on my main offer, my marketing strategy, AND we dove deep on my mindset (boy did I need it!). Safia is a business coach who really knows her stuff and takes the time to support her clients fully. Because of her, I’ve felt the BEST I’ve ever felt about my life and business and I feel so amazing now knowing getting consistent clients and growing my business with ease is my new normal! Don’t think about it - work with Safia!”

Andrea Crafton, Holistic Thearpist & Coach For MothersAndrea tripled her monthly income in her coaching business, grew her email list and community to 1000+ and now generates nearly $1k+ in PASSIVE INCOME each month from her membership program and became known as a go-to-expert in her niche
Lisa Anderson, Certified Leadership CoachLisa signed on 4 new high-paying clients in the first 3 weeks of working together!

For 2 years I deliberated about a business coach but tried to DIY figure out everything. Safia came recommended and we connected right away. I went with my gut and invested in a way I never had before into my growth. I am so grateful to myself that I did! Once I hired Safia I was flooded with this awareness and relief and kept thinking, "where could I be If I had done this sooner?" I love her signature blueprint system... it was a lot of work and every minute was worth it. It's hard to even remember who I was when we first met because I see my business, myself, and the online world so differently already. I have clearer offers, more specific connections with others, I understand more business cause and effect, I got a kick in the pants I needed (more than once) to take myself, my business, and therefore my prices more seriously. One major change that is a relief to me is that I was burnt out with the online world and totally tuning out. I came back with a restored perspective and authentic plan-- I was connected into a valuable community and network that is now a part of my tribe on this journey! Safia was the coach that let me lead the process but gave me a container and kept me from going off the rails. I trust Safia and am incredibly grateful to have flow and momentum in my business that I couldn't uncover myself no matter how hard I worked!


I became a transformational life coach in 2015, and while I felt empowered to share my gifts, I had trouble communicating my work and finding clients. I had the heart for this work, as well as a website, business cards, and a blog, but I didn’t have branding and visibility on the web. I tried to leverage free web resources to learn about the business of launching a business, but that didn’t work either. Feeling frustrated but determined, I hired Safia. She was not only an exemplar for marketing her business, but she was also an anchor of support and accountability—the most essential ingredients needed to my make my new entrepreneurship recipe a success.

Embarking on this journey was a bit scary—I wasn’t sure if my niche made sense, I lacked the confidence to record videos, and didn’t know where to start when it came to communicating the impact of my work. As a result of working with Safia, however, I was able to nail my niche (helping overworked women prioritize themselves), create branding and visibility on social media platforms, craft marketing message for my website that would help me add value to clients’ lives, and create offers that led to more calls from potential clients.

I had a lot going on in my personal life during our time together, but Safia offered consistent encouragement and follow-up to help me solidify the tools needed to boost my business in both the short- and long-term. I could not have done this alone, and I highly recommend Safia as the coach to help you in the next phase of your entrepreneurship journey!


Before I began working with Safia, I felt like I lacked direction. Knowing Safia from a previous coach training program, I felt that she could help me....and she has tremendously. As a result of working with Safia, I now have clarity with my niche, my ideal clients and the direction and structure I need to move forward with my business. She is a chock-full of information with a tool box full of her own resources, at her fingertips. She has helped me to overcome my fears of marketing online and utilizing online resources which I was intimidated by before. While honoring where I was emotionally, she helped me move forward and together we created marketing plans that have given me the confidence and structure I needed to get moving! “Where do I start??” has always been my personal challenge and that is something that Safia really helped me with and so much more! Safia is the type of coach who meets you right where you are and gives you just as much of a push as you need as an individual to be your best! I recommend her highly!!!


When I first decided to hire Safia I was stuck on an idea/concept for my businesses that I wasn’t quite clear on and I wasn’t certain that my old business focus was any longer right for me. We’d worked together before in a group setting so I knew that she knew her stuff. She has a kind, no-nonsense attitude that really brought into focus the marketing piece of the business puzzle in a way that made it accessible and achievable for me.

Working with Safia helped me to a very clear understanding of my niche/ideal client. I was able to generate content targeting that client and she helped me to get so clear about my sales process, tailoring my content to each step.

Not only did I walk away having all of this in place, but I felt so much more confident in my ability to reach clients in a meaningful way that gave me a clear path to success. Marketing my business no longer feels like a mystery but a clear, strategic process. I now have a structure for getting my message out to my ideal clients. There is so much value in what we worked on and I’m so grateful I decided to hire you.

Safia is the kind of coach who has your back no matter what, which includes calling you out on those nasty blocks that are getting in your way.

Thank you for showing me what’s possible in my business.


I started working with Safia at the beginning stages of my coaching business after I retired from the corporate world. While I have a large business background I was still embarking on a completely new journey, in a field that was unfamiliar to me. So I decided to look for help and found Safia. After our discovery session, I was convinced that she has the right mindset, attitude, and knowledge to steer me onto the right path. And I was so right! Working with Safia allowed me to reflect, brainstorm and embark on a thought provoking journey to overcome my fears and feel empowered in building my business. Her straightforward yet caring way of supporting me and moving me out of my comfort zone allowed me to be in my zone of genius to successfully create my business. As a result of working with Safia, I was able to identify who my ideal clients are, develop a program that allows me to have a structured yet tailor-made program for my clients that works every single time. Working with Safia allowed me to dig deep and fully understand where I wanted to take my business.

Safia is the kind of coach you want to hire if you truly want to take your business to the next level. I can’t encourage you more to work with Safia and allow yourself to build the business and authentic brand you’ve always wanted.


Prior to working with Safia, I didn't really know how deep I needed to dig into what my clientele really needed. I thought I knew, rather, but I wasn't really asking as many questions and investigating as deeply. I have a very particular niche I am servicing and the more clear I was on that niche the more myself and my services will stand out. By using some of the tools and strategies you gave me I was able to see patterns in what my students were asking for. That allowed me to fine tune what my curriculum needed to focus on.

I am someone that responds best to having an ally while I'm building. I thrive off of having that second pair of eyes, a partner with a clear objective and a kick ass attitude. Working with Safia is like working with a best friend - you want to share with them your vision and plan and ask for guidance but with out their own personal agenda, feelings and opinions to get in the way. I loved her warm, funny and very authentic energy. She was my champion when trying to figure out my next steps.

Safia is a go getter, take no prisoners kind of coach and I love that! I need that! I can become complacent or give up sometimes out of frustration and I knew I could count on Safia in those moments to have an inspiring and motivating "come to Jesus" observation or conversation with me. She wants you to win and knows how to motivate you to be just has hungry to get what you want.

Safia has great insight into creating a coaching brand that would stand out from the rest. I am very happy with my decision to hire her and would highly recommend her to anyone is lacking clarity and needs support in growing or starting their business.


I chose Safia to help me with a new start-up business. She awed me with her depth of knowledge and insight, and her holistic approach was perfect. I felt like she genuinely understood me and I was thrilled with my decision and never once looked back.

Safia first helped me to connect with myself, learning about my energetic levels; then I connected to my business with a clear understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.

I highly recommend Safia Sattaur -- she knows her stuff!


I had the opportunity to work with Safia where she helped me get clear on my niche and figure out what I was I was doing in exactly in my business. I was immediately drawn to her. Her confidence exudes through her words. There was no stutter or stammer when she shared who she was and what she does. That is definitely somethin I look for and encourage folks to look for in their business coach.

Her transparency makes you comfortable enough to share your own personal and professional blocks without feeling judged. Her knowledge of creating a solid business system with tangible results will make you want to give her ALL your money. She gave me a candid walk through of what she does to serve her clients from A-Z without "covering up" anything.

If you are burnt out and feel like you are spinning your wheels, Safia will help you evaluate and reconnect to your WHY to put you back on track. If you need a signature program created and not sure how to create one, Safia can help you with that. I give thanks to the Universe for you Safia. I not only feel like we created a great business connection, but I feel like I acquired a great friend.


Safia is simply charismatic! I instantly gravitate to the positive energy she brings at each and every session.

I recently experienced having to make a difficult life changing career decision. Safia helped navigate me through all the factors I was considering and did brilliant job at bringing me back to what was most important and aligned with my core values.

Safia does a phenomenal job of asking the right questions that lead to clarity and sight of things beyond my normal vision.

She brings just the right mix of compassion, humor and emotional intelligence all encompassed with pure support to consistently challenge me to think outside my box and break any patterns I unconsciously resort to.

I am always guaranteed an engaging session that leaves me with clarity and peace of mind.

I ultimately made a decision after consulting with Safia, today I am most satisfied and very happy I sought her help.


Safia’s positive energy inspired me to achieve my 2016 goal to explore my creative side and finally step into blogging. This was where Safia’s support and her expertise as a Coach opened up my mind, body and spirit to break down my walls and share who I REALLY was with my audience. I was leaving a part of myself out and couldn't identify why. She inspired me to move out of my comfort zone and take an action. She was the driving force that moved me into achieving and exceeding my goals. Thank you Safia for believing in me and being on this journey with me. I couldn’t do it without you.


I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance over the past few months of being your client. Your insights and intuition were spot on. My coaching breakthroughs were amazing and life changing. Your “holding space” for me during our sessions allowed me to clear up blocks that I’ve held for years and move onto new places in my life.I appreciate your expertise and experience as a coach. Thank you again for all you’ve done and I know we will work together again as I set new goals in my life both professionally and personally


Without fail my sessions with Safia leave me feeling invigorated, re-charged, clear and ready to take on any challenge ahead. Safia asks provocative questions that often reveal another layer I had not anticipated. It is those ‘aha’ moments that have helped me navigate difficult situations and dig deep to discover why, how and what I must do to move forward in my life. In those moments where I’ve felt stuck, she has helped me find a way to change my strategy or gain clarity around what I needed to take action on to lead to results in my life. She has truly become a beacon of light I look forward to every week


Safia, I’d like to thank you for providing me with a new and improved lifestyle. I’ve struggled to maintain a proper balance with my personal and professional life over the past few years but thanks to you, I’ve been able to navigate through these issues with little stress. Your patience and understanding helped me dive into and explore those feelings that I didn’t think existed. Your outstanding leadership and people skills inspired and motivate me to get through some of the biggest challenges. I have noticed tremendous results within just a few short weeks of communicating with you and I look forward to achieving more amazing results in the near future. Sincerest Thanks!


Working with Safia was truly eye-opening! She changed the way I view leadership and energy. I was able to identify goals and strategies to take positive and productive action in both my personal life and my business. Safia asked thought-provoking questions and her insights were extremely accurate. She is a caring and knowledgeable coach whose passion for her work is very inspiring.

Michael Henry

Safia is a talented and inspirational coach. Initially, I did not know what to expect but after our first session I began to see the tremendous benefits of coaching. Safia helped me to design a system to prioritize the many competing areas of my life such as my career, family life, social circles, and personal wellness – in a way that was stress free. I feel the most centered than I ever have before. I know that I can take what she’s taught me to personally grow for years to come. I would definitely recommend Safia if you’re looking for a coach that produces


At the time when I was confused and wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision and had much anxiety I decided to attend a seminar where Safia was the speaker. I immediately connected with her and her message and I knew that she was someone I would want to work with. She was so relatable, supportive and understanding and took the effort to connect with everyone in the room. From that day on Safia and I kept in touch and shorting after that I hired her as my growth coach. Safia helped me realize my dreams of starting my own business. Not only am I living a better and more meaningful life but I’m making smart, strategic choices when it comes to growing myself & my business. This journey is not over yet, I’m going to continue to work with her as my coach until I achieve my highest goals. She is the voice I need to hear and the ear I need to listen. I thank Safia for being there for me every step of the way and for her knowledge, guidance and support as I grow both personally and professionally.

M.DM.DAmzad Khan

Safia is outstanding, insightful and supportive. Her friendly, caring yet professional and non judgmental coach approach helped me gain clarity around my professional goals. I was able to devise a clear action plan that felt authentic and achievable. By asking the right questions she allowed me to see things from a different perspective that pushed me outside of my comfort zone but led to great results. She is able to get to the heart of the problem in no time She has been a great asset to me and definitely one of my greatest investments.


Safia, I’d like to thank you for providing me with a new and improved lifestyle. I’ve struggled to maintain a proper balance with my personal and professional life over the past few years but thanks to you, I’ve been able to navigate through these issues with little stress. Your patience and understanding helped me dive into and explore those feelings that I didn’t think existed. Your outstanding leadership and people skills inspired and motivate me to get through some of the biggest challenges. I have noticed tremendous results within just a few short weeks of communicating with you and I look forward to achieving more amazing results in the near future. Sincerest Thanks!


Safia has an incredible passion for helping people evolve. She has the ability to listen in a confidential manner without judging, and at the same time sharing a tremendous energy of optimism, exposing her client to their realization that the sky is the limit. I greatly enjoyed being coached by Safia. At the end of my session with her I left feeling heard, understood, had a new perspective about myself and most importantly I felt empowered to make decisions in my life and my business .